Mountains On Our Backs

by Carcrashlander

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Recorded at Secret Society, Portland OR with John Askew.


released April 21, 2009

Cory Gray, Brian Wright, Cliff Hayes, Alexis Gideon, Jessica Wright



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Track Name: Mountains On Our Backs
In between the blades of grass, we all just want to relax. We trust our numbers in the early days, while we fight the tides that will never break. Not in our day. I hear the tear and I start laughing. The ears are burning on the people passing. Their hands are grabbing at something in the air, but if they close their eyes their ride will arrive, here.

So I play my part and I'll get by. Like I said I'm not the fighting type. There's no denying that tastes will change, and isolation ripens with age. But until that day...

Now we don't take time to cover up our tracks, we just descend on the city with the mountains on our backs. And go around the town digging scraps from the trash. And this is how we all know we can last.
Track Name: Dollar Store Halo
I'm not that into the loud talkers, the wand waivers or the soul savers. I don't trust the heart healers, the news anchors or the drug dealers. But they all say they'll save my life and I think I'll let them try. All I've got is this dollar store halo's that's not worth a dime.

Well we all spin tales we can't back up, and when they slide in front of unexpected luck, you fight this twisting in your gut, the hairs on your neck are standing up. The hairs on your neck are standing up but
you'll never get close enough. You can never get close enough.
Track Name: Capillary Webs
Just come back, you don't have to call- there's an air pocket under the waterfall. You keep on replaying it in your mind until it's way past time for you to make your flight.

You know we all walk down this cracked mud road, our heads down low, we don't stop getting old. On either side of us the litter lines, while the hot sun shines and dries our throats.

Our paths are spread out in capillary webs, the brace was brittle so we spray painted it red. I know you're happy that we all came by, I hope you don't think this means that we're on your side.

Are you a calmed by a wrecking ball to a sleepy sunset shopping mall?
Always starting over reckoning to patch your broken crawl-don't you love this life at all?

Don't stand up you had a nasty fall, your coat is torn there's gravel in your palms. Rest assured that this is how is starts so get your axes out and put your armor on.
Track Name: Killingsworth Frost
its the first frost on the killingsworth blocks
and i'm tired of the rhyming of my endless talk
i've got a one way ticket down to nowhere's ark
where i'll be servicing the circuits of a counterpart

at night i think of fights that i heard through the wall
in house made of feathers built on a fault.
now i'm riding through the blindness at the speed of light
the clawmarks down the middle balance out the white lines

i rode past the chapel all covered in crows
the sun rose up to show us the black smoke
the city was on fire and river had froze
the frost brings the pause where the words won't grow

are you still drawing circles down in the dirt?
tell me who got picked and who got hurt?
now few blocks down you can quench your thirst
at a hotel from a western movie
down beneath the shadows of the moonlight pines
the mountains and the pines silhouette the skylines
Track Name: Quoting Dead Comedians
you wake up sick, this business as usual eventually takes its toll on your body, forget your soul. the buildings you pass through are looming like gravestones, but don't you know- there will always be someone to sell you a plan so you won't die alone. all you have to do is prepay for the afterlife, you just can't cash in until you go. so now you know- we're all quoting dead comedians, but their offers have long expired. our focus is a cold explosion and we have been defiled. so now you know.
Track Name: Driveway
The driveway is a ballroom but it's not like the road, there's always somewhere else to go, filling shopping carts or living off the overflow.
So tell me why have we wasted so much of our lives in this plight? We've torn out the pages that now we're expected to write. We're standing in our corners weighing in and biting gold, it feels so good to face the cold until the parking lots have started growing old.

I probably should have stayed home but I really had to know what should be obvious and so i'll throw the fight. But it was you who turned out the light, and i was just being polite. Anyway, I'll expect that the blame
is a trade for my pride.

This shit will vacuum your heart through while it is entertaining you.
Track Name: Coast to Coast
every last night is a fading ghost
all i've got for company is coast to coast
where'm i gonna stay tonight well i don't know
tuning through the static of the AM radio

all night drives are made to last
one more cup of coffee and another take of gas
when they're flashing on the brights
you let the fast ones pass cause we'll all be stuck together in the aftermath

try to dream up something stranger than life
well go ahead and give it a try
everyone is born and everyone dies
it's amazing just to be alive

try to think up something stranger than life
well go ahead and give it a try
late night television gets you to buy something
with your tired eyes
try to think up something stranger than life
well go ahead and give it a try
high beams on the roadsides, deserted nights
its a ghost between the yellow lines
Track Name: Bone Noose
I woke from a nap in the flat black grass, I was buried under blankets in my bed of ash, and I said "wake me up, wake me up" now I'm awake. I can stretch my legs, I can stretch my legs

Its a bone noose tied loose around my neck, it's a thirst that my nerves have good and wet, so tie it to me tie it to me tie it on tight, I need this drift to last through the night.

Go back and crack the lock on the black box, and dig around in it for the days I lost. Slow it down, slow it till I hear the start of the old lawnmower in the backyard lot.
Track Name: Warm Behind The Walls
you wait. you wait outside for it to come.
you keep looking out at the sand
but you're standing on stone, let it go, let it go.

now if i'm not mistaken
this mystery has been taking you all out
now you won't be stumbling
but warm behind the walls of the strongest house
so you go, you go.
now you go, now you go

have you been running off like this all of your life?
well i know, i've been seeing it for awhile.